Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Like Christmas morning

So I got home yesterday afternoon and rushed to the basement to unpack all my equipment and inventory it. ("Yippee! A Zeppelin!") The first thing I realized after opening up the boxes was that I need some containers to store that stuff in when it's not being used. There are lots of little pieces that could create a tragedy if they go missing during a batch.

Anyway, I have a nice shiny new keg and regulator, two glass carboys for my primary and secondary fermentation, lots of miscellaneous items like a racking pump ("this sort of thing ain't my bag, baby"), a hydrometer, and two typewritten pages on how to hook it all up. Two sided. Two column. Small print.

I hooked up the temperature controller to the freezer to check its performance. I set it to 64F to see how it would do for creating a fermentation environment. (I'm also using to check the calibration on my cheap thermometer.) I'll check it after work today to see what temperature we have. I'm a little concerned about a deep freeze regulating at over 60 degrees - where does the heat come from once the coils have cooled themselves to 0?

I placed an order for the grain I need to run the first two batches. It's scheduled for delivery Friday, so there's a chance I'll actually run a batch this weekend.

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