Monday, August 10, 2009

And just like that, an opening appears

In the last post I was lamenting the lack of space for the 090502 Honey-Brew List in the kegerator...

RIP 090603 Half Wit

...then I went down and got a pint of Half Wit and it expired on me. This batch was definitely better the longer it sat in the keg. It had a watery tone to it that I now in retrospect attribute to an overabundance of water. (The blindingly obvious comes, just slowly.) It was the filling of this keg that clued me into the fact that my water volume control was lacking, particularly the part where the fill overflowed the keg.

I'm not sure I'll make this one again this year. My next lighter recipe will probably be a variation on Biermuncher's Cream of Three Crops. I need to get the materials ordered for this and get it going.

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