Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yeast among evils?

I'm getting ready to brew today with my new mash tun, but the washed yeast I had been planning to use in my batch just isn't any good anymore. It can't possibly be because I left it sitting out in unconditioned space, can it? (Doh!) Fortunately AlaBrew is available to pick me up. I sent Tommy over there to harvest some yeast for me. They didn't have the normal Wyeast strain I have been using in the Geordie family so I'm going to try White Labs WLP005 British Ale for the next iteration. Hopefully I will get to it today.

Interestingly, Tommy was subject to some (good natured) questioning about why he was there to pick up yeast. ("Are you SURE this is for your dad?" kind of stuff.) I thought it was funny because I can't imagine that too many teenagers trying for a quick path to rotgut show up with a list specifying four specific yeast strains by name - and get a response when they text back to "Dad" because the Danstar Nottingham was recalled and he needs to take something else instead. Is it really an issue for an adult who is not of drinking age to buy yeast? I wouldn't have thought so, since there's quite a few tedious steps between having yeast and having beer, but I guess in a state where it's still technically illegal to homebrew, as a supplier you can't afford to take too many chances.

Kegged and carbed: 090901 Gayle Bait

I forgot to mention that I got this into the keg. It's very mild, except for one thing. To me at times it seems to have sort of a yeasty aroma that's reminiscent of the smell of the carboy after I racked it to secondary. The Brewmistress doesn't seem to notice it though, so maybe it's just my imagination, or maybe it's just green and needs to season a little more. Either way, once you get past the aroma (if you're me) it tastes good if a little bland, which is exactly what I was shooting for.

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