Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You've got red on you

Ah, a day off before a holiday. What better way to celebrate the harvest and the spirit of cooperation embodied in Thanksgiving than with a brew session for a beer whose name evokes the undead?

Brewed: 091102 Shaun of the Dead

As I mentioned previously, I adapted this recipe from one provided by YooperBrew on It purports to be a Rogue Dead Guy Ale clone. I didn't have any of the specialty Wyeast "Pacman" strain that Rogue uses so I used Safale US-05.

This was the first five gallon batch I made using the heatsticks, and I have to say they made a big difference in the overall elapsed time. I used the propane burner and one heat stick to prepare the strike water, and it reached its temperature way faster than I expected. (That was good, because I had the grain bill ready, and I was able to start the mash before I expected.) The recipe called for a mash out in addition to the sparge, and by using both heat sticks and the propane burner, I was able to have both quantities of water available at the right time with very little effort.

Other than the three separate hop additions, there was nothing remarkable about this brew session. The boil got started well and I had plenty of wort to work with. The only negative from the batch I have noticed so far is that I came in short in the gravity department. The recipe's planned OG was 1.062, but my measured gravity was 1.058.

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