Thursday, February 18, 2010

An epic entry, this is not

An update on the Nottingham vs US-05 contest for 100201 Geordie-Boy Ale: While looking at the temp trends last night I noticed that the temperatures on the carboys had declined a couple of degrees. Since it was closing in on three days since fermentation started, I figured that the temperature decline meant that the most active phase was on the wane. I brought the batch upstairs into a slightly warmer environment (somewhere around 68-70F). As I am sitting here, the Better Bottle (with Safale US-05) continues to bubble at rate of about once every 30 seconds. I thought that the glass carboy with Nottingham was less active, but it's bubbling at about that rate as well - I just can't hear it bubble like the Better Bottle because it has a different airlock type. With the move the batch is out of reach of the temperature probes, so the trend no longer shows anything useful.

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