Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catching up (again)

This has been a busy couple of weeks. Here's a brief recap of F&H:

R.I.P. Geordie Ale 090501

The keg of Newcastle clone was floated on Wednesday during the brewing of 090601 Coldwater 420. I finally got someone else to taste it and what happens? They kill it. That's kind of gratifying though because it could have been so bad that they wouldn't touch it. I'm going to put another batch of this in as soon as possible, it was a hit in my book.

Honey-Brew List 090502 moved to secondary

The Honey-Brew List was racked off to secondary this week. The gravity was at 1.020 Wednesday and at 1.018 Saturday when I tested it, so there's still some work being done. I'll give it another week before I keg it. The spice taste is still pretty strong but it seems to be moderating with time so another week might help a lot.

Arduino Duemilanove received, control system planned

I have hooked up the Arduino controller that I intend to use to replace the temperature controllers that are running the two freezers. So far all it does is show "Fork & Hay /" on the LCD display. The DS18S20 digital temperature sensors are on their way though and I look forward to hacking something together.

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