Friday, June 26, 2009

Hooked up

I finally made it home with the stuff I picked up at Northern Brewer. As I had hoped, the parts I now have are sufficient to get everything hooked up. I now have the primary regulator at 60 psi running into the secondary regulator, where it's currently carbing the 090601 Coldwater 420 and the 090502 Honey-Brew List.

Getting the fittings unscrewed from the secondary regulator was not difficult, but getting the flare fitting out of the primary regulator housing was a real challenge. I ended up destroying the flare fitting, but I did eventually manage to replace it with a barb fitting that I had removed from the secondary regulator.

I'm still not sure I like the way everything is hooked up, but I now have some flexibility in connections and I think I have enough knowledge to be able to adjust in the future. It's pretty clear that I'm going to have to build the collar for the kegerator pretty soon though. Right now the hose from the CO2 tank (which I moved outside the kegerator) runs through the weatherstripping in the front of the lid. It reminds me of an umbilical cord or the vine for one of the pod people.

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