Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A tun of work

I put my mash/lauter tun together today. I followed the basic instructions from FlyGuy's tutorial thread on Homebrew Talk with a couple of alterations:
  • I started with a 20" supply hose and ended up cutting it down somewhat. It's still longer than the diameter of the cooler, so it bends around a little. I'm going to wrap some some copper wire around it to curve the line a little and add some stiffness.
  • My cooler is only about 7 1/2 gallons - it is a Gatorade-branded Rubbermaid I got from a friend of mine a couple of years ago. We've been using it for icing down drinks. I'm starting with 5 gallon batches so that should be OK. I have a bigger rectangular cooler I will switch to if I decide to move up to bigger batches.
  • If you read down the HBT thread a while you'll see that the stainless steel hose clamps corroded in FlyGuy's installation after a few batches, probably because the screws weren't actually stainless. I substituted nylon cable ties.

I also have the makings of a wort chiller. I bought 50' of 1/2" OD copper tubing from Lowe's, and I plan on making two units - one from about 35' for the actual wort chiller, and one from the rest of the tubing to use as a pre-cooler when the summer comes and the supply water temperature isn't cold enough to chill to 70 F.

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