Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I'm shooting for

I'm starting up with the intention of:
  • All-grain brewing
  • 5 gallon batches
  • Kegging, not bottling
I'm starting with all-grain even though it's not what most people recommend for beginners. I'm not exactly sure why people say that, though - I have watched several tutorials on YouTube and the process, while tedious looking at times, seems simple enough to follow. I'll post some links to the tutorials I found most educational.

Why kegs? It's always been a desire of mine to have draft beer in the house, and after looking into the kegging process it seems like it's an ideal way to realize that desire. I have a chest freezer that I want to convert into a "kegerator" eventually. Right now it's just going to be a temperature-controlled keg cooler.

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