Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting the wash done

Two things of significance yesterday:

First, I carbed and tapped 090702 Geordie Boy Ale, my first batch that used grits instead of flaked corn in the brown ale recipe, as well as the first batch with which I reused a yeast cake. This batch is smoother than the 090701 Geordie Ale with much less of the roasted barley overtone. I'd say that the grits and the yeast reuse are here to stay.

So, obviously I had a yeast cake left over after I kegged ol' Geordie Boy. I wasn't ready to start a new batch but I didn't want to waste the yeast, so I undertook to preserve it through a "washing" process. I followed the pictorial tutorial by Bernie Brewer at HBT, more or less. Not having the right number and size of Mason jars and the like, I did the best I could, and ended up with two 20 oz jars full of yeast solution, with most of the trub left behind to be dumped.

The obvious next question is, do I use this as is, or do I make a starter? I need to brew this weekend. If I'm going to use a starter, I need to make it tomorrow night.

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