Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long work weekend == batch beer update

I had some network reconfiguration to do at work this week and it carried into the weekend. Here's what happened in the meantime:

RIP 090701 Geordie Ale

I killed this batch sometime during the week but I don't remember exactly when. (That's not a commentary on my sobriety, it's more of an observation on how much external crap I was working on this week.) Luckily, my new production planning process led me to having a batch of brown ale ready to take its place, leading to the next note, namely...

Kegged: 090702 Geordie Boy Ale

I kegged this on Sunday. The FG on this batch was a temperature adjusted 1.011, which when combined with the high OG of 1.048, makes this come in at 4.82% ABV. This is the first of the brown ales that has come in at that low of an FG and I have to think it's because I pitched it onto the cake from the previous batch and had a ton of yeast available to convert all that sugar.

I wasn't ready to start another batch from this cake but I'm (hopefully) going to wash it tonight and save the yeast for the next batch.

Is there hope for 090502 Honey-Brew List?

While I was cleaning up this afternoon, on a whim I plucked the pressure relief on the 090502 Honey-Brew List I have stored in the fermentation chamber to see what was going on. Imagine my surprise when it outgassed rather strongly. What I think we have here is a cask-conditioning experiment going on. As you may recall I have not been terribly optimistic about this batch from the beginning, but maybe patience wins out. The aroma from the venting was quite mild, as if the extra spices have been mellowed or converted by the yeast as it's been carbonating the keg. All that stands in the way of tapping it is a spot in the kegerator...but maybe I should let it age some more...

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