Saturday, June 27, 2009

090502 Honey-Brew List - decisions, decisions

Pretty soon I'm going to have to make a command decision on the Honey-Brew List batch that's currently carbing. I can only fit three kegs in the kegerator at a time, and with the 090601 Coldwater 420 and the upcoming Half Wit and Geordie Ale batches, I don't have room for everyone. One of the kegs has got to go and it's looking like the problem batch is going to get the boot. I may not throw it out completely. I can always take the keg out and put it in the other chest freezer, which can be cooled since I won't have anything in the brew pipeline for a while.

However, we are coming up on July 4th and we will need the freezer set at a freeze temperature to properly condition some of the desserts that are going into the contest at the Indian Springs Village annual picnic. Our extended family is currently on a 6 year winning streak, with Amy having won the last three straight with her famous Key Lime Torte. One of the keys to her success (no pun intended) is that her torte is frozen before we take it over to the picnic, thus ensuring it's really cool when it's judged. We'll need the freezer for that as it will be the only thing big enough to hold all the desserts that will be prepared.

I think this batch is snakebit. First and foremost, the flavor's not right. I tasted it today and it still has a strong spice aroma and taste. Amy tasted it, and her opinion was "you can't get past the strong smell." To add insult to injury, the main keg hatch O-ring fell down into the beer yesterday as I was inspecting it. (That shouldn't affect it any except for the annoyance factor of being down an O-ring.)

I'll pull it out and try to keep it cool over the 4th but it may end up as a scrap batch after all.

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