Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catch up - it's not just a condiment

Microcontroller Build
I hope to have a big set of posts on the status of the Arduino project soon. I'm making some good progress and when the code is a little less ugly I'll post it along with some tutorial information. It has been interesting relearning some C++ and basic microcomputer concepts I haven't used in years.

Brew Schedule
Wow - looking at the calendar, I pretty much need to start another batch today to have a shot at having more ready by July 4. Even at that it will be pushing it and the beer won't be very mature. I am going to brew a less complicated witbier (without the additives of course) that I'm going to name as F&H Half Wit.

I am not holding out much hope on the Honey-Brew List but it's possible the taste is moderating while it sits in the keg. I need to start carbing it up so I can try it out.

Tim's Coldwater 420 should be ready to keg by the weekend, so his supply is assured for the 4th. I think I got the Geordie Ale brewed in time to be drinkable by then as well.

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