Wednesday, June 17, 2009

090603 F&H Half Wit

"Named after the brewer perhaps?" (with apologies to Ian Fleming, Sean Connery, and the cast of "Diamonds are Forever")

I created this as a variation on HBT recipe guru Biermuncher's recipe called "SWMBO Slayer". It's a basic witbier without the additives. As Biermuncher put it, this is what people want when they say they would like Blue Moon with less "pepper" taste.

The OG came in a bit low (1.044 as opposed to 1.051 predicted). I took the time to wring every last bit of sparge water out of the mash tun. I think that might have been counterproductive from a gravity point of view, but I am predicting a good batch once it's in the consumption pipeline.

Today I slapped the gelatin to the 090601 Coldwater 420. I'm expecting to keg it Friday or Saturday.

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