Monday, July 27, 2009


I carbed and tapped the 090701 Geordie Ale tonight. The flavor is pretty good, but I can taste the influence of that roasted barley in the brew. I'm not sure it's totally what I want in this brew but we'll see how it matures. So far it hasn't stopped me from having a few pints.

This brings me to another issue, one having to do with the sophistication of my palate. (Or lack of same.) As I was tasting this batch and trying to put my finger on what was different in my perception of it versus the previous two batches, I found it hard to pinpoint the flavor I was trying to identify. Eventually I settled on the roasted barley because frankly there's an overtone of "burnt" to it that I recall from handling that barley yesterday.

It's not a bad taste, it's just there to experience and I don't recall it being there before. I think I am going to have to get some sort of training for identifying the flavors in the various brews I'm experiencing. I believe there are some hop-tasting kits out there, maybe something like that that also provides the "malty" and "roasted" tastes as well.

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