Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm traveling this week in the Chicago area. What beer adventures may await?

090701 Geordie Ale - fermenting away

I checked on the Geordie batch before I left and it looked like the most active fermentation phase was over. Most of the krausen had fallen back into solution and there was a ring of stuff on the side of the carboy. I gave it a swirl.

Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant

I had supper last night at Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant. They are a nationwide chain of brewpubs, and they offered a pretty decent list of craft beers produced on premises. I chose the Argus, a brown India Pale Ale (if I recall correctly). It was stronger (at 8.9% ABV) than what I'm accustomed to and was a little hoppy for my normal taste, but it had a good, complex flavor and on the whole I liked it.

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