Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Corny Posts

The title of this entry is is not an editorial reference to my inveterate use of the pun as a literary device. For that I am unapologetic. It is, rather, a lead-in to a discussion of the gas and liquid connections on the Cornelius ("corny") style soda kegs I'm using with my beer.

One of the things I have noticed about these corny kegs is that they do not have matched sets of posts. The posts all appear to be threaded the same, in that they screw onto the kegs uniformly. They don't share the same size nut on the outside, though, and I learned last night that they don't all use the same poppet valve on the inside.

This entry at the Homebrew Digest website has an illustrated parts breakdown and photos of the relevant post and poppet valve designs. It appears that I have both Type A and Type B posts and poppets.

The poppets are not interchangeable between Type A and Type B, and somewhere along the line I have ended up with a mismatch. I found this out when I got an OxyClean shower from the gas in post from keg I was trying to clean. I pressurized it OK, but as I removed the gas line it spewed like Old Faithful.

Looks like I'll be ordering poppets of all types next time around. Oh, the tare weight of a keg is 8.8 pounds, the 090701 Geordie Ale is krausening now, and the 090603 Half Wit is about gone.

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