Saturday, July 4, 2009

NFHR: Next year, one for the thumb

Amy won the Indian Springs Village dessert contest again today, for her fourth consecutive victory. She retired the Key Lime Torte this year in favor of a new cake, a piƱa colada flavored cake she dubbed the "Lotta Colada." She really expected Scotty to win with his Banana Pudding Cake (which I agree was really good, and which was in fact the first dessert eradicated by the good citizens of ISV), but somehow she was selected first place once again. My speculation is that she has attained "Robert Trent Jones" status, in that when her name goes on something it's an automatic contender regardless of quality. (No slight intended to Robert Trent Jones, of course.)

1 comment:

  1. Does Amy take commissions? Is her turn-around time less than a keg?
    My neighbor is the test kitchen chef for Oxmoor House. Maybe Any can sell her recipe or write an article. maybe a feature article in the magazine about the ISV dominator!