Sunday, May 3, 2009

090501 Photos

Here's the paperwork - every batch must have a batch record, although I'm pretty sure this one doesn't conform to GMP requirements.

The grain bill - this is about 9 1/3 pounds of grain altogether:
  • 6 lb 2 oz 2 row US pale malt
  • 1 lb flaked corn
  • 8 oz each of Cara-Pils Dextrine and 20 L, 60 L , and 80 L crystal malt
  • 4 oz chocolate malt

The mash tun with its field engineering modification - a copper wire to add shape and stiffness to the screen. Hopefully this will keep the screen from collapsing under the weight of the grain bed.

The mash is underway - I wrapped the tun in blankets to keep the heat in but I still lost 5F over an hour.

Wort after sparge and before boil.

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