Sunday, May 31, 2009

Honey-Brew List gravity and taste test

I just got home from my whirlwind trip to Toronto and Orange Beach. I'm still short a few hours of sleep and it probably won't get much better over the next couple of days. Anyway, upon arriving home I decided that it was time to take a gravity on the 090502 Honey-Brew List. Here's what the sample looks like - note the color, it's now much closer to the 4.0 SRM than it looks in the carboy.

The gravity came in at 1.020, which is still a little higher than the recipe says it should end up, so I gave the carboy a vigorous swirl and put it back to bed. I will have to check it on Wednesday and see if it's making progress toward the target of 1.013-1.014. I guess I could pitch some more yeast onto it if it's stalled out.

The taste was a little overpowering on the coriander/bitter orange side. However, it's not as overpowering as the wort was when I put it into fermentation, so I have hope that it will tone down somewhat as it matures. Maybe when I rack it to secondary it will mellow a little further. Also, I have to make allowance for the fact that it was at 70 F and flat.

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