Saturday, May 2, 2009

Batch 090501 is in primary

I made a batch of F&H Geordie Ale today and it's now in the primary fermenter.

I have some pictures of the grain bill and some in-process shots that I will upload later.

I think I must have done OK - the OG I measured was 1.042, which is close to the predicted 1.043. I was a little concerned because when I went to mash out, the mash temperature was down around 150 F when it should have been up around 155 F. It was 155 F when I started the mash but the tun lost 5 F over the course of an hour even though I had it wrapped in blankets. The cooler I'm using must be lower grade than the ones that other folks are using with only 1 F drops over an hour.

Note: wort is really sticky.

I did not use the pre-cooler on the wort chilling process and it took a long time to exit the danger zone. I hope nothing got in while I was working on it!

Follow up to yesterday: the Airgas store in Pelham exchanged my cylinder for $17.50. They said they carried beer gas too, but not in small bottles. They can order it for me though, so when the time comes for F&H Irish I can get my nitrogen from them.

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