Friday, May 22, 2009

Running behind

With all the events of the week I haven't been able to tap the Geordie Ale (I know that's hard to believe, that I of all people passed up beer) but I did want to mention how pleased I am with Northern Brewer's customer service.

I ordered two used ball-lock kegs from NB and they arrived last week. However, when I was cleaning them I discovered that one of the kegs had two gas (in) posts instead of one gas and one liquid (out) post.

I emailed NB to let them know and after one email to establish the correct part required, they sent me a new replacement post and poppet valve assembly. No hassle, it just showed up in my mail yesterday.

As someone who spends a lot of time trying to escalate service calls past Level 1 to get to someone that's not using a script ("please to reboot Windows by selecting Start"), it was really great to be taken at face value by the first person I contacted. Mike Z, I'm dedicating the first pint of Geordie Ale to you and the Northern Brewer crew.

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