Saturday, May 9, 2009

Honey-Brew List

I had originally planned to follow the Geordie Ale with a batch of F&H Irish Dry Stout (a Guinness clone). Instead, I am going to lay down a Belgian witbier with a honey addition, hopefully similar to the Honey Moon seasonal variation of Blue Moon. I'm calling it F&H Honey-Brew List. Amy has endorsed the concept, as she likes the Honey Moon.

I'm basing this recipe on HBT recipe guru Biermuncher's Blue Balls Belgian Wit recipe but adding a pound of honey at the end of the boil cycle. That's a technique some other guys have used to introduce a honey flavor to other recipes like Honey Brown Ale. Some guys are also adding a half pound directly into the primary, but I'm not willing to risk the contamination to get the effect (yet).

The ingredients are ordered and I expect to start this batch toward the end of the week. It should be ready by the beginning of June.

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